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Product:Thames Decorative Range

$38.00$24.00/per kilo

"Aquaseal" is a brand of waterproofing and sealing products, rather than a specific type of paint. Aquaseal products are commonly used for sealing and protecting surfaces that are exposed to water, such as basements, roofs, decks, and bathrooms. Aquaseal offers a range of waterproofing solutions, including sealants, coatings, and membranes. These products are designed to create a barrier that prevents water penetration, thereby protecting the underlying surfaces from water damage. When it comes to paint, Aquaseal may offer specific paints or coatings that are designed for waterproofing purposes. These products are typically used in areas where moisture or water exposure is a concern, such as bathrooms, kitchens, or exterior surfaces. It's important to note that Aquaseal may have different product lines and formulations, so it's best to consult their official website or product catalog to explore the specific paint options they offer for waterproofing and sealing applications.

Black Cat
Gray Dolphin
Alien Gray
DarkGray or DarkGrey (W3C)
Silver White
SlateGray or SlateGrey (W3C)
Slate Blue Grey
Tiffany Blue
Blue Hosta
Composition Based on aqueous solution of midified styrene based filmed.
Color As to customer interest. Sensitive for high pigment used colors
Sizes 10-15 cPs
Viscosity Must be clean dry & free from dust & poorly adhering materials Grease & moss growth. Extra attention should be given for heavy Oxidized areas
Minimum Film forming temperature 5C
Flash point 2 years maximum – Un opened protected from direct sunshine & Strong heat
Painting about 72 Hours at room temperature. The drying, time required is Variable in relation to the room temperature & humidity existing At the moment of application.
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    miron mahmudJune 02, 2020

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