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Transforming Spaces with Thames Coatings International, a leading provider of high-end exterior and interior which is what we deliver.

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Thames skim Coat


Unleash the Power of Colors. Transforming Spaces with Thames Coatings International

witness the transformative magic of our premium coatings that bring spaces to life.
From vibrant hues to subtle shades, our innovative solutions add a touch
of elegance and create visually stunning environments
that leave a lasting impression.

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Who We Are

Your Trusted Coating Partner

Thames Coatings International is a 100% leading Sri Lankan company and has 18 years of proud history. In this company we make various kind of paints and other construction materials. The mostlyfamous one is Thames Aquaseal and it makes using German Nano Technology, Using quality German Ingredients.


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Aquaseale: Unleash the Power of Waterproofing. Thames Aquaseale, our flagship product, is a cutting-edge water repellent coating that offers unrivaled protection for exterior surfaces. With its advanced German Nano Technology and high-quality ingredients, Aquaseale forms a flexible and seamless plastic membrane, shielding walls, roofs, and concrete structures from water damage. This heavy-duty, environmentally friendly solution ensures long-lasting durability, while its aesthetic appeal adds a touch of elegance to any project. Experience the ultimate waterproofing solution with Aquaseale by Thames Coatings International.


Crafting new bright brands, unique visual systems and digital experience focused on a wide range of original collabs.

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Thames skim Coat

A skim coat is a thin layer of finishing plaster or joint compound applied to a wall or ceiling to create a smooth and flawless surface. It serves as the final touch in the preparation of surfaces before painting or wallpapering, providing a clean an...


"Aquaseal" is a brand of waterproofing and sealing products, rather than a specific type of paint. Aquaseal products are commonly used for sealing and protecting surfaces that are exposed to water, such as basements, roofs, decks, and bathrooms. Aqua...

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Where Quality Meets Trust

Choose Thames Coatings International for unmatched quality, innovative solutions, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. With our trusted expertise and a track record of excellence, we deliver coatings that stand the test of time, ensuring your complete confidence and peace of mind


Sri Lankda Product

Y100% Sri Lankan Excellence: Thames Coatings International, Proudly Crafting Quality Solutions.



Unleashing German Nano Technology, Elevating Coatings to New Frontiers.


Comprehensive Solutions

Trust Thames Coatings International to meet diverse application needs with long-lasting satisfaction.

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Our Passion

At Thames Coatings International, we are passionate about what we do. We are dedicated to providing innovative, effective, and sustainable coating solutions that meet the needs of our customers and exceed their expectations.We are committed to excellence in everything we do, from the quality of our products to the professionalism of our service. Our passion for our work drives us to continuously improve and innovate, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the coating industry.

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